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Reopening Day!

As of Thursday August 27th, we are officially reopen! Our Team has decided we WILL be serving dine in guests (not just private groups) by reservations as much as possible, and at half capacity to adhere with the 2 metre safety protocol. Take out and delivery will also still be offered. (Pick ups will be thru our NORTH side door, to eliminate crowding at the front entry and bar.) We are asking everyone to sanitize upon entry and exiting the restaurant. (Anyone showing symptoms, please refrain from entering, however please choose our take out or delivery options!)
Our temporary hours of operation are:
Thursday thru Sunday, 5 pm to 9 pm
(Closed Monday thru Wednesday)
Our Team would like to ask our guests, as we’ve noticed many places around town are all different..
To Mask or Not To Mask? 
What is most comfortable for our guests for service interaction? Your input is greatly appreciated! 
Of course, We’ve been busy prepping in our kitchen, and had our little guy helping out too! 
Also, Shout out to our creative genius Morgan Emmess for our beautiful new menus and refreshing our brand! (More to come!) If you’re in the market for a graphic designer, we’d be elated to give you her info! 
Thank you so much everyone for your patience and support as we reopen to the public during this time. We hope to see/talk with you all soon! ♥️